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Is Your Business Website Killing Leads?

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Your website is under scrutiny. Potential employers quickly judge job applicants based on their physical appearance, clothing, and mannerisms in a manner not unlike visitors evaluate your website. However, while job applicants may be able to contextualize and augment a poor first impression through their subsequent interviews, your inbound traffic won’t hesitate to navigate elsewhere. You may only have seconds to grab a visitor’s attention, which is why it’s vitally important to know where poorly made websites go wrong and how you can do better.

Inefficient Visual Design

Website designers often err in trying to be too fancy. Beautiful colors and lovely animations have their place, but simplicity and fulfillment of purpose are their own art forms. If your website’s design is so artistic that it overwhelms visitors — or takes far too long to load — your site is failing its primary purpose and should be reevaluated.

Form must equal function. Legible fonts, harmonious color schemes, and easily navigated menus are things to be valued, not scorned.

Distracting Advertisements

Employ advertisements with great care. Though necessary and often desirable, advertisements must also flow together with your site’s visual design. Obtrusive pop-ups not only interfere with that design, but they also actively irritate and drive away visitors. Potential customers will rush to mute their speakers if loud music plays the moment your site loads.

Tasteful, appropriately used advertising can be advantageous, but everything on your website reflects on you, your brand, and your message. Your site visitors will appreciate advertisements that appeal to their interests without hindering their purpose.

Cluttered Text

The saying is “less is more,” but that isn’t the whole story. Providing sufficient information to satisfy your visitors often requires a substantial amount of text, but that doesn’t mean you can abandon the principles of design to deliver it. Articles with long paragraphs, inadequately spaced headings, and few images are a sure way to drive off potentially useful traffic.

Excellent copy becomes useless if no one reads it. Make sure your articles or posts are visually appealing and flow nicely with your overall design.

Irrelevant, Poor Content

Website visitors come to your site to find information they presumably cannot find elsewhere. Consequently, your content should be regularly updated to stay relevant with current trends. It needs to conform to your customers’ interests in addition to being well-written. Content that’s unorganized, outdated, or unprofessional in either tone or style will surely work against you.

Content is a value proposition. Respect your visitors’ time by ensuring the information you provide is worthy of it.

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