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Working in healthcare is a demanding but vitally important job. This industry practically requires a dynamic and professional team that can function together smoothly. But assembling such a team, and keeping it together, is itself a challenge. Modern software as a service, or SaaS, and cloud-based solutions seek to streamline staff recruitment and retention. The priority is helping health clinics put the right people in the right jobs at the right time to enhance an organization’s overall capabilities. Staffing issues, especially compliance with licensing requirements, can eat up valuable time and act as a drain on team efficiency. Having an integrated SaaS solution in place can improve performance and avoid potentially damaging mistakes.

Easy Credential Monitoring for Applicants

Licensure tracking helps protect patients by certifying and checking the qualifications of healthcare professionals in the institution’s employ. Although this is vitally important, even moderately sized clinics find it cumbersome and time-consuming. A SaaS and cloud-based program considerably simplifies the entire process.

Without a unified system in place, organizational inefficiencies can easily creep into a clinic’s workflow. Not only can SaaS eliminate needless credentialing paperwork, it optimizes and automates licensure tracking, allowing access to the desired information anywhere and at any time. Though the need for a human eye is never completely removed, it does free up valuable time from bureaucratic busywork, reducing stress and improving overall productivity.

Integrated SaaS software also helps manage institutional privileges, ensuring that mission-critical assignments are tasked only to approved personnel. It can also safely store employee records in the cloud and track new certifications to ensure compliance with continuing education requirements.

An Answer to Staffing Headaches

Healthcare workers often cite inter-organizational inefficiencies as one of the most significant factors contributing to high turnover. While some turnover is unavoidable and expected, the complexity and level of training many positions require inevitably means that finding qualified replacements isn’t a quick process. In the meantime, staff positions go unfilled, and others need to shoulder the burdens left by empty seats. The problem is especially acute in emergency clinics, where fast-paced environments exacerbate the challenges of lacking qualified personnel to perform the amount of work required. These are prime factors leading to burnout.

SaaS staffing programs, and ER management software in particular, may simply make organizations better places to work by reducing stress for everyone involved. Software helping to rapidly plug holes in the roster with skilled replacements effectively minimizes strain caused by understaffing and can improve a clinic’s staff retention rates. It may also cut down on the time needed for vetting applicant qualifications and help bring new arrivals up to speed quickly.

Improved Security

Although integrating SaaS and cloud-based solutions into the workplace can be great for productivity, many remain uncertain about their compliance with state and national security regulations. Patient health information is an attractive target for cybercriminals worldwide. Can health clinics embracing cloud technology protect themselves and their patients from such vulnerabilities?

As a matter of fact, many healthcare clinics are increasingly looking to SaaS programs to reduce the threat of data corruption and theft. Storing health information in the cloud allows companies to use single sign-on verification checks that utilize a separate domain to validate users. In addition to foiling hackers, these systems can limit data access only to those who register an approved digital signature.

In Conclusion

Exercising due diligence in staff credentialing and background checks is an integral part of managing a quality clinic. Healthcare applicant tracking solutions makes it easier to quickly onboard licensed professionals who fit into the culture of your organization. Prompt access to information when and where it’s needed eliminates many of the inefficiencies that can drag down a team’s capabilities over time. Making the workplace a more comfortable and productive environment can only help sustain the welfare of patients and staff alike.



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