10 Steps to Magic Copywriting

Copywriters are often accused of using secret techniques, mental conditioning, and outright magic tricks to get ahead. But how much of that’s true? EVERY WORD!

10 Steps to Magic Copywriting!

1. Learn more about whatever you’re selling than whoever made it. Write all facts by hand on 200, 300 flashcards—whatever’s needed.

2. Write your worst headline ideas on another 100 flashcards. When you run out—why would you ever run out? What’s wrong with you?

3. Read your hundreds of flashcards. Flex your fingers. Crack your wrists.

4. Read your thousands of tattered notes from the great masters who suffered at their typewriters before you. Remember how Ogilvy trashed 104 headlines before writing “At 60 Miles An Hour.”

5. Bounce a tennis ball back and forth on the walls while mouthing memories from your flashcards like mantras.

6. Demand complete and utter silence from your environment. Ban the internet. Stuff all gadgets in the cupboard. If you hear your heartbeat, beat your chest and hiss “Quiet!”

7. Go outside and cry. Fall to your knees. Say you’ll be good from now on, say you never meant any of it, ask only to be given this one more, just this one more time—

8. When a perfectly formed idea emerges out of that boiling soup you call a mind, cackle “Thanks, I owe you one!”

9. Write, then repeat steps 5 – 8 as needed until it’s all done.

10. When others ask how you do it: “Magic.”